by Sheila on May 9, 2014

I have my site hosted with GoDaddy. When my site was recently hacked, I knew that they typically do not get involved with resolving such an issue. They host the site only. So, it did not occur to me to touch base with them first (or ever).

I tried reaching out to many so-called experts who are website developers and no one seemed to have any valuable input without completely uninstalling, which would have been a significant challenge with a threat of losing all of my posts to date AND all of my customizations which was going to be beyond my expertise to re-establish without much (paid) help.

I called GoDaddy as a last resort and WOW. I cannot say enough for the customer service I received and the true expertise in how to approach the situation. Within 1/2 hour we devised a plan and within 2 hours, the malicious code was removed (it was hidden, which was the problem).

I have heard pros and cons about GoDaddy and all I can say from my recent experience is that they are trustworthy and efficient and truly generous with their time (on issues that are not typically within their sphere of service).

All hosting companies run into glitches; it is the nature of the beast. What is important is do they make it right and, often, how quickly. I cannot speak to these types of issues specific to them. My site has always run fine under their hosting.

I whole-heartedly recommend GoDaddy to anyone who is starting a new website/blogsite. I will remain a loyal customer!

Let’s hope this post also goes through in the feed distribution without a glitch!

Enjoy the Spring weekend, Everyone!

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by Sheila on May 2, 2014

It seems as if this issue has been resolved. Sorry for the spam you received. I am looking forward to some real posts now!



by Sheila on April 27, 2014

My site may have been hacked. This is a test to see what comes through on the email distribution.

The post titled Healing Light came through in my email with spam attached.  If this happened in your email, I am trying to fix it and I’m sorry for the what looked like advertisements that I did not include.

If you are interested in Healing Light, the site to review it is in the email, but hard to find (at lease on my copy).  I don’t want to include it again here, in case that is what caused the problem in the first place.  So, if you are interested, please email me directly.  Thanks!


Healing Light

by Sheila on April 26, 2014

I have been using audio tracks for years for meditation, relaxation and energizing.  I recently beta tested this new program and it is truly amazing!  They are offering an introductory price through May 5th.  Check out the site; there is a demo to try out before buying.


Click here for the site.

Healing Light


The Swing of My Hips

by Sheila on August 13, 2013

The swing of a woman’s hips.

I love this song I’m sharing not just because I love the melody – which I do, but I so love when he speaks of the swinging of a woman’s hips. It makes me swoon in a way.  It reminds me of my woman-ly-ness.

I am a strong, powerful and muscular woman.  I’m bold. I’m fearless. Yet, I so love the idea of a man loving this ultimate feminine-ness of me. I want to be powerful in myself and know I can take on the world. And, I want a man who knows this of me and also sees the side that wants to let go and allow for him to love and admire and care for me.

Much is biologically driven in us. A woman shows her “wiles.” I think she does this instinctively. Not, necessarily, manipulating.  Although, I imagine that does happen. But, she seeks to find the “strong” man to equal her.

Ultimately she wants to be all woman and all feminine and attract that alpha (perhaps) male.

All woman = physically strong and smart and capable in all that she needs to do.

All feminine = She brings everything in her nature to the battle as a warrior.

And she is a warrior.

She is soulful and loving and knowing and so, so strong..and don’t get in her way! She fiercely defends those she loves.  You will never beat her. She will win.

And, when she retires for the day, you will see the “swing” of her hips as she invites you into her life. And, she will be yours.

Hope you enjoy the vid: and see here