Ironing – As Integral Practice!

by Sheila on July 1, 2012

When I was young my dad traveled every week and before he left each week, I was assigned the task (hated chore better describes this) of ironing all of his business shirts for work for the week or two.  There were sooo many! And, of course, I was consistently told I didn’t exactly do it right.

Well, I’m a “process” person and even at that younger age, I was always trying to figure out the most efficient, effective way to do everything.  Ok, some call this “anal.” I call it “maximizing.”

There is the best way to load a dish washer and arrange your cupboards and fold laundry, etc.

Doing all of this ironing really turned me off to ever doing it when I was an adult, living on my own, and in charge of my life and ways. Well, I never really have ironed much since because many of the clothes I wore or types of materials we have now, didn’t require it. Plus, I was big on taking most nice things to the dry cleaners and, of course, THEY did the ironing!

Well…just recently I  discovered the sense of peace and accomplishment that comes with “the act of ironing.” Not kidding!

I re-visited my desire to do it all in the most efficient and effective way…since time is always  a constraint.  But, to my surprise, what I found was I simply wanted to linger a bit around the process and pick up the shirt or pants and view my work! And say, “Yeah.” Too weird, huh?

What I learned, once again, that Everything is a practice and an integral one. And, if we simply ” be in that moment,” there is some kind of joy!

Pretty big awareness, yes?  

So, what I might believe to be true here and now is that the act of truly being present allows for this type of knowing and feeling immediately in the moment. And, then we know all things are good.

I truly chose to walk through the world with ease and grace. It is so funny and yet not that when I hold this desire, every task  becomes practice. Practicing to be aware and grateful. And, loving that I am in this world and God is in me and wants me here. How do I honor him in ever minute? Simply by paying attention. And loving.



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