by Sheila on February 9, 2012

Dr. Mark Hyman, along with 3 other functional medicine docs were recently on Dr. Oz.  It was encouraging to see these docs and functional medicine highlighted on this much-watched show that is taking a look at the medical “myths” that are so abundant in mainstream medical practice.

I discovered functional medicine about 5 years ago. It was a godsend to me and the logic was very clear.

On the show, Dr. Hyman describes what he calls “diabesity.” Take a look at this article. He offers easy to follow nutrition advice regarding carbs and protein as they relate to belly fat. I have followed his basic protocol for years and it has made all of the difference for me with respect to my metabolism.

I practice the medicine of why, instead of the medice of what, asking ‘Why are you sick?’ and not ‘What disease do you have?’ Dr. Hyman 

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