2011 Year End Review

by Sheila on January 3, 2012

So much energy for me around 2012!


I have, in most recent years, done a year end review.  I also do it in the Fall because Fall rolling around always reminds me of my time in school (which was quite extensive with a grad degree).  Plus, I just love Fall. I feel new beginnings then also.

Many years ago I stumbled on a couple who would record their thoughts on the year in an audio.  They would do this individually on a tape.  They would go out and sit somewhere and with our without notes, simply describe their year – it included everything about their lives – personally, professionally…within their relationship and family and as I said – everything.

I thought, what a wonderful way to introspection and capturing the year! They had done it for so many years that when I found them, they had found their way in doing it – in the most meaningful way.

I thought – I want a relationship like this.

So, now as we view 2012 with wide eyes and an open heart, I suggest we all take a look back.

What was the good…the not-so-good and what did we learn?

We learned much.  We often fail to look at the learning around the “good.” We also do this with the “bad.”  Yet, if asked to do, we look only at the “bad.”  My thought is that looking at the good is most helpful.

We tend to look at the bad and say or think how to fix it. That sits for me in the idea of play from your strengths and the rest falls in to play.  Of course, if there is some really bad behaviour you need to eliminate..do it.  But, pay attention to the good stuff.  What does that stuff tell you? I know I do this and it feels..?

So I ask what was the good…and “not so good and what did I learn.

Look at what you learned.


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