Will I be Proud of My Last Actions?

by Sheila on October 10, 2011

Steve Jobs in his speach at Stanford, said something along the lines of the old adage to “live today as if it were your last” and then one day,  it most certainly will be…your last.

I set an intention this morning to ask myself throughout the day, “If this were my last day, would I be proud of my last actions.” So, throughout the day, I held this thought in everything I chose to do or not do. This included:

Who I would associate with

How I would honor the people I interact with

How I would honor my values

Who and what I would say “no” to and “yes”

What tasks I would do

What I would eat

How I would work out

I wanted to delight in my choices. I wanted to feel “at choice” and not allow the idea that anyone but me was responsible for my choices, my life, my dreams. And let me say, I felt completely liberated all day. It was a delight! I felt powerful and calm at the same time. But, it didn’t feel like control; it felt like EASE.

I thought…how the heck can I bottle this!!

I remember when I was a child we would make up these great games and just have a blast all day playing.  Then I distinctly remember going out the next day and attempting to play the game again and it never seemed as fun. It had lost its luster.  Why was that?

I sure hope I can duplicate this game tomorrow.

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