It’s About Life

by Sheila on October 6, 2011

My mom died of pancreatic cancer 12 years ago. This insidious disease just claimed the life of Steve Jobs. He was unique in that he lasted much longer than most do after diagnosed because he had a rare type that was actually operable.

Steve Jobs was young; my mom was young and so was Patrick Swayze.

I’m not an Apple user – I don’t even have an iPod let alone and iPad! But, I always appreciated Jobs’ drive and creativity and ability to understand what people want even before they know. I really appreciated his now famous Stanford commencement speach.

But hold on…this post is not about illness or death – it’s about life.

This apple video is my all-time favorite. I’ve posted it before. It inspires me everything time I hear it and I’m posting it again in honor of Steve Jobs and Patrick Swayze and my Mom.


If you cannot view the video in this email, here’s the link.

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