Footloose 2011 !!

by Sheila on October 11, 2011

Opening this Friday.

I don’t see many movies at the theater these days and the most recent I have seen were not very good – not a good movie picker of late, it seems.

I do want to see the remake of Footloose. I’m a big fan of any kind of dance movie, so I just need to find someone else who is a fan or who can at least tolerate it for my benefit. ¬†Also, I love Juilianne Hough (from DWTS) and I hear she can really act on top of being a great dancer.

My favorite scene from the original is where the 4 of them sneak out of town to go dancing at some bar. I love Sarah Jessica Parker here. She just can’t contain herself and I love it! You can see her briefly in this video clip:

Here’s some video from the new one. Julianne is going to be dancing some of this tonight on the results of DWTS. Can’t wait to see her again there.

Love, love, love to dance!


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