Labor Day

by Sheila on September 2, 2011

Eating.  Alot of eating – ribs, chicken, burgers and dogs. 


Corn, potato salad, 3-bean salad (in our house), chips and dip (for me), deviled eggs (!) and baked beans, of course.


It seems as if this holiday celebration consists mostly of the end of the summer eating and last swims. 

We often forget (at least many of us) the significance of this holiday and how it came about. I think we do this with many holidays, yet this one seems to be more elusive in this way. 

Here’s a link about the history if you are interested.

I personally like the idea that it is a new beginning much like the 1st of the year. Kids go back to school with all of the anticipation and excitement of that! I used to feel this when I was in college and grad school; it never left me even now. And every autumn, I feel the same way…like I’m supposed to be going somewhere new.

The smells of Fall and the sounds of the leaves rustling makes me always feel so happy. It is my favorite time of year, even though it is signaling an “ending” of sorts.

Of course, there are no endings – just cyles. It is life and a sort of death. We can learn much from nature in this way.

I never, never tire of the change of seasons, especially like we have in Ohio. I remember when I was working as a School Psychologist, I always loved how the seasons brought new fun!

The start of school. Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Years. Valentines Day. Easter. Graduation.

Oh wait..this was for another post!  Or, was it?

There was always something to celebrate and so, so many other little things in between these. I love that we “celebrate.” It really is kinda what gets us through some stuff, yes?

So, as I celebrate Labor Day, I remember all of us who work hard and do good work. We honor ourselves and our families and our country. We love and we do good.

The Good ~ the True ~ The Beautiful

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