CD Baby And A Shrink-Wrapped Surprise!

by Sheila on September 18, 2011

Real customer service is so rare to find. Yet, it is the ONLY thing that will allow a company to survive, especially in this time of  “all things are seen on the internet.”

I recently read a book recommended by Seth Godin –  Anything You Want, by Derek Sivers. I’ll take a glance at anything Seth recommends and this little gem of a book is very cool.

There is an example of true customer service that is illustrated in a video. So may things had to happen for this to happen and that is the simple story. Always do the right thing. Always strive to excel at what you do and delight those you serve.

You never truly know your impact. This goes in business and, of course, in relationships. And business is a relationship – or should be.

It is often easy for us to go through life never considering our impact. We say and do things everyday with no regard at times. Not always, of course. However, it is helpful to keep in mind that we are always having an impact. Just be aware. Just notice.

Take a look at this video and think how you might extrapolate it to your own personal life.

I really love this.

Oh, there’s a story behind how this happened from the get go..came from just another very satisfied customer..but you’ll have to read that in the book! I don’t want to spoil the vid.


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