What Messages are Beckoning?

by Sheila on August 5, 2011

Today I will trust my intuition

What messages have been beckoning me?

When having a “fierce” conversation, we need to trust our intuition. We all have it and perhaps it is more developed in some than others. However, I believe that the way to develop it is to simply “pay attention.” Notice what you are feeling in your gut. Ask yourself what it might mean and then listen to what comes up for you. It takes some practice because we have all been socialized to rely on “thinking” as opposed to feeling.

Intuition is not just about feeling, though. It is this sense that we know something without really knowing how or why we do. This is where the trust comes in.

My Myers-Briggs type is an INFJ. This means many things in a deep analysis; however, the 1st thing it says is that I have a preference for the mental function called “Introverted Intuition.” This is often referred to as the “sixth sense.” This is my dominate or “hero” in the archetype language of the MBTI.  It is my go-to…what I know best.

This has always been in my awareness even as a child. I had friends that would say I was psychic. But what it really is in my mind is this:  We have cues that are alerting us all of the time. They are not always evident, nor do they have evidence for us to readily see. But, they exist. These cues come from the environment and from our past histories  and from our unconscious – both personal and collectively. Carl Jung, a Swiss psychologist, referred to the latter as the “collective unconscious.”

We have discussed ways in which to engage in a fierce conversation for a few weeks. The 5th Principle is to trust your intuition, specifically within your conversations.


It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. – Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince

Remember our radar works perfectly – it is the operator in question! Examine more than the surface evidence. Don’t be too quick to accept  what you see at face value. We are constantly getting messages from us to us. If we don’t pay attention, these messages will cease – as if saying, “Hey she isn’t listening.”

The most valuable thing any of us can do in our relationships  is to find a way to say the things that can’t be said.


During  your conversations today and in the coming week, pay fierce attention to what you are thinking and feeling.

  • Notice what interests you that is NOT being addressed.
  • Notice the questions you’d like to ask.
  • Notice the observations your inner voice is urging you to share.
  • Remember that what you are thinking and feeling is not right or wrong – they are simply your thoughts. From time to time, choose one to bring into the public conversation. Invite your partner to explore it with you. Be courageous. In doing so, you give the conversation an opportunity to go deeper.

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