Happy 4th – 2011 !!

by Sheila on July 4, 2011

So, we had all the things usually found and Needed on the 4th!

First…the Players:

Jilly –  She is now a real little fish!  You will see more of this later. They swam all day and never ate, so finally she’s having a bit of  food!  Smiling big and will be sleeping very soon on the way home!

Spraying others with very, very cold water is ALWAYS fun! And yet, she is still so adorable!









Molly –  So much to say here!  This girl is going to be 6 next week and she’s really a big girl now! She can go in the deep water with a vest OR 2 noodles and jump off the board. She got so busy with the vest on and off that at the end of a 7-hr non-stop in the pool day, she forgot the vest or noodles and went down the slide without!  It was an event!  And, once she quickly recovered from the fact that she kept going under, she said, “I did well.”


Tonya (Mommy) – Ton is an identical twin to Tammy.  You will see her later.  She is one of the great moms!  She spends her time with her girls whenever she is free.  I don’t know how the place ever gets clean, but it is!  She knows what is most important and saves the cleaning stuff for when one can fit it in…with alil help from Mol!  Thanks for being my sis-in-law, Ton!  I love you.




Mike (Daddy) -My brother.  It was so fun watching Michael with his girls.  I remember playing with him in the water when he was little and there’s an almost-drowning story that he claims still haunts him to this day.  I claim it was my sister, Susan’s, fault not mine.  Regardless, he seems to swim OK now.  I guess when one is 6 ft 4″ tall in a pool you almost touch the bottom anyway. Big Baby!  






Hannah (Banana) – Molly and Jill Jill have 2 cousins – Hannah and Tyler.  Hannah just left for camp for the 1st time today. She is not only beautiful, she is the sweetest cous!

Here’s a great one of her…she is a gymnast.







Tyler (known as TJ in some circles) – When we were leaving Tyler was kissing Jill on the nose and Jilly kept saying, “come with me TJ and…you are gonna mis me!”

Tammy – Ton’s Sis.  Can you tell the diff? T&T are very close…as twins will be and it is such a delight to see them together with their families.


Others – Ton & Tammy with their Dad







And Me – Well no pics because I’m manning the camera.  I am the Aunt and Sister who loves them all.


Well here’s some other pics that depict the 4th and all the fun that goes with that!


Some Ball and Cooking out and Eating and Just Fam and Crazy Molly and the pool and Love:



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