Morning People

by Sheila on November 13, 2010

Early morning is a sacred time.  Everything is often so quiet and peaceful.  The scent of the air is different than any other time of day.  The possibilities seem wide open.

I have been regularly taking early morning walks after my meditation to further reflect and set intentions to begin my day.  I love the people I run into in the morning.  Are morning people different?  They seem so much more friendly.

It’s like with boaters.  Everybody waves to everybody else in a boat. This is how I find the morning folks to be. And, I join right in!

I’ve always loved morning hugs especially.  They remind us that we are loved and it feels like the best way to get us ready to go about our day.

But, I just realized today when about 5 different people brightly said, “Good Morning,” that I really like to hear it.  Since I work in a private office, I don’t have this regular greeting that many have when going into the office or wherever they go.

Saying Good Morning sets the tone – it sets the intention. And, if someone throws in a a hug, well…I’m just the moon! (or does that only happen at night??)

If you need a little motivation for giving a hug, this fave vid always helps!


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