ICC and Practice and Molly

by Sheila on September 27, 2010

I just sent off my final docs to my mentor coach for my mod 1 training at ICC. I included this pic of my niece, Molly, because I think it depicts my clients’ journeys and mine.

Molly - Yoga

She was 2 when this was taken. She’s now 5 and in KG. My dad came around the corner and caught her in this pose. No one was around. She wasn’t playing for a crowd.

It’s basically her 1st yoga pose and in a PUDDLE~! How cool is she!

My brother said, when asked if they will build a pool, “Hey the child loves puddles, she doesn’t need a pool.”

Hmmm .. .imagine what was going on in her little head!

Here she is now:

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