Artist Date & Here’s to the Troublemakers!

by Sheila on September 2, 2010

The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron,  inspires me. It is a journey of discovery.  It is a recovering of our creativity that we are all born with and often forget as we become adults and begin to believe otherwise.  I certainly have thought this.

Creativity comes in many forms.  I cannot draw or paint.  I’d like to think I can carry a tune but this doesn’t mean it is anywhere near a talent and others might even disagree on the “carrying” part.  I love to dance but am often intimidated.

I have been told I can command a room and hold the space for everyone’s emotions. Is this creative? I do know that I have a desire to consciously make a difference in others’ lives.  I have unbounded passion for unlimited growth and potential in our humanity – individually and as a whole.  Where might I find this “creative energy” so needed for this path? It can feel daunting and bewildering at times. This is why I love the Artist’s Way. It shines a light into my heart and soul. Or, perhaps it’s the opening of the door to allow the light to shine?

As I write this, I’m laughing thinking..”Oh, wait a minute – not a poet either!”  Or a very good writer. I think it is in the act of simply trying to share my thoughts in some way that they might actually be heard –  is enough.

The Artist’s Way is a spiritual path to creativity.   Well, now wait a minute…spiritual?  That is something I can get my head around (or heart).

The one tool I consistently employed was the Artist Date.  It is a festive solo undertaking to explore something that excites or interests us.  This is a day of play.  Now we are talkin!

The inspiration we receive on this date isn’t always linear.  We do not always come away with a sense of new creative direction.  We do often, however, come away with a new sense of well-being and openness.

The idea is that the dreams of our artist dates have a peculiar way of turning into reality. The dates are really half “artist” and half “date.”  We are out to woo our own consciousness.

These have to be taken “alone.”  Yet, we are not alone.  We are with our own creative consciousness. And for me this is the Divinity in me.  I’m nuturing this relationship and as wtih all practice, it is something that can become more embodied over time and stay with me outside of this specific time.

I have not done my Artist Date since probably February of this year.  I used to always take Friday (the whole day) and plan something.  It didn’t have to be “artistic” in the sense we think.  It could be as simple as…well, building a snowman!  This was actually suggested to me once by someone quite new to the idea of an artist date.  He seemed to get it!

So, beginning tomorrow I am reinstating the Artist Date Day.  I do have 2 client meetings that I will fit in, but I will be flying solo in between.  No real plan yet.  I thought I’d let the morning and new day simply inform me.  I read a quote today that said, “Awaken and be beautiful.”

In honor of renewing my practice, I am including a video I go to often to remind me of me and you and all of us.  Oh – let me know if you can guess who the narrator is in the video.

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