Primal Program – Week #6 – Video Soon Coming

by Sheila on August 18, 2010

Mark Sisson who wrote the Primal Blueprint recently released his 92-page Primal Blueprint Fitness ebook and it’s FREE.  It is one of the best free value offerings I’ve seen.  You can grab it here.


Strength Training

I have found myself veering away a bit from the standard program of New Rules.  Only because I like the simplicity of Mark’s approach a couple of times a week.  It breaks things up and allows me to base the workout on my energy level, which varies due to sleep / no sleep.

I had a goal of completing all stages of the Rules by the end of the year and I’m still on target for this.  So, I’m feeling pretty cool with my way(s).

Where I am definitely seeing the most muscle development is in my thighs.  This is no surprise really because I do squats with heavy weight.  And, I think I naturally (genetically)  have ability to build significant muscle mass in my legs.  When I was a kid, I used to say I had football legs which was absurd because I was pretty skinny except my knees seemed to look bigger than other girls my age.  So, I guess I had/have football knees. And, that’s OK with me.


I had a few additional tests specific to autoimmune disorders for which I have certain “markers.”  These came back positive for antibodies.  I am hoping my primal diet will influence this.  The research on this is a bit limited.  My original functional med doc noted this about 4 yrs ago and said these genes could be turned off.  Her thoughts were the possibility of Lupus or RA down the line.  But, she simply described my condition then as N.O.S. (not otherwise specified).

I have no symptoms of either of these disorders, so I’m not concerned.  The doctor who ordered the new bloodwork wants me to see a rheumatologist just to have it monitered. But, I’m not planning on doing this at this point.

I also had tests for thyroid and liver function and they all came back within normal limits. So, this is all good.


I have been very lax in this area.  My excuse(s) are that it has been so hot outside and I don’t have a good place to go.  And, I really don’t like attempting these in the gym.  I am revisting some new options…

Daily Low Level Activity – Walking, Biking, Hiking

Same excuse about the heat here.  I’m really looking forward to fall and less humidity and pleasant temps.  I’m trying to do early morning, but my meditation has 1st priority here.


As always – good nights / bad nights.  I find that when I’m getting excited about a new project or plan, I just cannot sleep. The daily walks when I have more consistency will help here I’m sure.

This has been the case in the last week.  I have been working on plans to incorporate a weekly video blog to be filmed from my meditation / yoga room.  I hope to have the first one posted beginning of October to mark the start of my favorite month!

These videos will begin with an intro from me and a glance at the space.  I also do much of my coaching work in this room.  So, I’ll give you an overview of that.  Addtionally, I will be doing guided visualizations / meditations including chakra work.  I hope you will enjoy these.  I plan on also creating an audio download of these meditation sessions so that you can utilize them daily, if you would like.

Finally, I will present a 2-week design session for creating your own Integral Life Practice (ILP).


Having a bit of anxiety this week.  I have family coming for a visit tomorrow and have not exactly had enough time to prepare both the environment and my emotional environment!  I plan on a very hard workout tomorrow morning to get my groove back.  I have back-to-back client calls in the afternoon before their arrival, so I won’t really have much time to fret about anything.  I also have an old friend stopping by who is always a great buffer!

Wow, I Didn’t Know This Would Happen

I didn’t know that I would become so emeshed in all of this.  I have been getting some email from the primal folks on Mark’s forum and they have been visiting my blog.  It is a bit strange for me because I am NOT a group joiner.  However, I feel quite connected and drawn to this community.

It is sort of a cool side effect.

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