Primal Program – Week #5 – FitDay

by Sheila on August 9, 2010

In Primal Blueprint, there are a number of great links.  I especially found FitDay to be helpful for a number of different analyses.  One can track just about anything with respect to fitness and nutrition.  The online account is free.

I am tracking my daily protein intake specific to muscle building.  It will calculate exactly the amount of calories and protein you need based on your gender, age, and weight in order to successfully add muscle.   I love this.  And, I love all of the graphs and charts; it’s really cool.

Strength Training

I have been using: The New Rules of Lifting for Women.  I love this program.  I liked it the minute I read the line that women should put down the pink barbie bells and step away from the treadmill. I knew it was for me since I never did those two things.

The author indicates that it is difficult for women to do chin-ups and pull-ups and doesn’t incorporate them into the program until around the end of 6 months and says if we can do one, it will be good.  Well, I think he’s wrong on this point and I want to start doing some now.  However, I don’t want to do them at the gym.

The Primal Blueprint has a bare minimum strength training program of only pull-ups, push-ups and squats.  It seems as if people have gotten tremendous results with this. I’m sticking with NROLFW if for no other reason than the variety.

So, I bought a doorway chin-up bar apparatus but it would not work over the molding of my doors.  I’m looking for an alternative.  Or, I’m just going to have to try them at the gym.  My program introduces “reverse chin-up” two stages ahead.  So, I might try them instead and feel comfortable doing them at the gym.


I had some terrific results on my last screening with respect to inflammation markers, glucose/insulin sensitivity, and lipid panels.  Here’s where the proof is in the (lack of) pudding.  Ha ha.

It seems as if the altered diet of no grains or dairy and significantly more protein/fat is making a difference.  I had already cut dairy considerably previously and never ate sugar or processed or fast food.  So, the only real change is the elimination of grains and adding more protein.  Additionally, eating only when I’m hungry and incorporating IF is working well for me.


I’ve been doing sprints on the eliptical once a week.  I really prefer running; howver, I want to do this outside and I don’t really have a convenient place close by.  I’d really love to run on a beach, but alas, that isn’t going to happen any time soon.  Maybe I’ll try that on my upcoming trip to CA.

Overall Increase in Activity

Part of the “blueprint” is to be active at a moderate pace for 2-5 hours per week.  I’m going back to my early morning walks to get about 1/2 hour a day and I’m adding a 2 or so hour hike a week with a Meetup group.  There is also a group that walks every morning around historic areas of Cleveland Hts. and I want to join them once or twice a week.

Speaking of Meetup – I can’t say enough about what a great medium this is for getting out and doing things and meeting new people.  I belong to many groups and one that is really fun is the Northeast Ohio Adventurers Group.  They have 3-5 activities per week with over 700 members.  Last Saturday there was a moonlight paddle on the Chagrin River going out into the lake with a bonfire on the beach.  Really great event.  They have upcoming scheduled events for biking (Pedal to the Point – which I did 2 years in a row), hiking, kayakying, whitewater rafting in WV, camping at West Branch, weekly runs, picnics and more.  This is better than any dating site out there, let me tell you.  Meeting like-minded and like-doing people in a group setting like this is the best way to find someone compatible.  They will probably even match your laundry list of “deal breakers” that we discussed in the previous post.  So, get out there and Meetup!  Not hook-up…meetup – or I supposed you could do both…  It wouldn’t be my way!


Sleep has always been an issue.  I can suffer from insomnia for a variety of reasons, stress or worry certainly being one.   I’ve had much on my mind lately and so this has affected the great sleep I had previously reported.  I hope to manage this better with some new strategies.


This area has been a bit challenging lately for some of the same reasons as sleep.  I have a lot on my head and sorting through it all is taking some time.  Hopefully, with the help of my coach(es), I’ll get there.

Wow, I Didn’t Know This Would Happen

Nothing to report here!  No miracles.  No magic. Perhaps I need special glasses.  Perhaps I just need to look.

Don’t forget to check out FitDay.

An old friend used to say, “Run around the block every day just because you can.” Simple.  It also shows gratitude.  I’ve always liked it.

I remember when my sister, Susan, first beat me when we used to race around the block when we lived in Akron.  She was younger than me so I never expected to be taken by her. Well, she always was the better athlete in some things.   Oh well.

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