Soulful Warrior Archetype

by Sheila on July 12, 2010

I loved the Clan of the Cave Bear series by Jean M. Auel.   I identified so strongly with Ayla, the hero,  in almost every way.  I don’t think I really realized how much until I began working as a coach.  Of course she does do just about everything except invent rocket fuel in the books…!

Within the coaching model I’m currently utilizing, methaphors (or archetypes, if you will) are used to describe a clients (and our own) Current Way of Being (CWOB) and the desired New Way of Being (NWOB) in a specified “topic.”  I’ll be going more into this in a  future post about integral coaching specifically.

As a coach, my CWOB (making much progress towards the NWOB) was Sensitive Vessel.  What this meant for me was that I believe I hold a great capacity to be sensitive to others and to hold a safe container for their feelings.  There are ways in which I literally feel exactly what my client is feeling as they feel it.   This has served me well in many ways, yet limits me in others.

My NWOB metaphor (as a coach)  is Soulful Warrior.   This includes and transcends the Sensitive Vessel.  It feels powerful to me and it also feels like it is exactly me…but perhaps hidden at times or buried?  Not sure.  It certainly resonates in the true sense of this word.  I feel the pulse of it.  It moves me. It fuels me.

I’m attempting to “bottom line” what I want to say here but it feels constraining.  I think this is my intro to some topics I want to explore here:

Integral Coaching & Integral Theory

Paleolithic Lifestyle – specific to well beingness

Metabolism and issues around healthy body composition

My next post will specifically describe a new program that I began today for trying to resolve a metabolic issue that has been plaguing me for 5 years or so.  Well, let me rephrase that a bit.  I don’t want to use the word “plaguing” because there is nothing – no matter how challenging – about the human body that is plaguing.  In fact, what has been happening for me is my body (this amazing organisim) attempting to defend and maintain homeostasis in the face of what were challenges I threw it’s way!!!  Some of these were within my control and some not (or so I believe).

So, tomorrow look for my “Primal Blueprint” post as I begin to document my experience.

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