In Honor of the 4th…Lawson’s Chip Dip, Anyone?

by Sheila on July 3, 2010

Even a true Foodie (which I am) has some guilty pleasures…like Velveeta…Pringles…  In fact, I think it is a requisite.

Typical 4th fare:  Hot dogs, burgers, bbq of any kind, and chips and DIP! Lawson’s Chip Dip is the BOMB!  This isn’t even a guilty pleasure – it is a simple great food…condiment…whatever.

I’ve been lovin Lawson’s Dip, well since there used to be a Lawson’s, which originated in Cuyahoga Falls, OH (near Akron).  I was born in Akron and lived there until I was 12.  Alas, can’t find it in Cleveland anymore.

But, I am currently enjoying it here in  a suburb of Columbus, OH, at my brother’s. They have it here in this little Podunkville of a (very cute mind you) town of  West Jefferson.  They only have this convenient  store – no other grocery.

I don’t even eat chips except for when I’m visiting them.  I told my brother that here’s why I visit – Molly, Jilly and the dip.  Well, and  TV and the cable/DVR that I also don’t have at home and that remote..but that’s a whole other story.

On my last birthday, Michael  (my brother) gave me 2 Pints of the stuff!  I left it there though… otherwise I would have been eating chips for a month – and that just wouldn’t do!

For those of you who have never had this delight,  I feel for you.  You have no idea what you are missing.  I had a friend from Toronto (years ago) ask me if I had ever heard of LCD and could I send her some! She had stumbled on it somehow in in travels to the US.   Small world.

Oh, and by the way,  I’ve been known to enjoy a Pringle or 2 now and then – haven’t you?

Happy 4th of July America!

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