by Sheila on July 20, 2010

Vibram FiveFingers were originally developed as a “barefoot alternative” for sailing and climbing.  As you will see in the video clip, they have thin, flexible soles that are contoured to the shape of the human foot.

A bit of trivia: They were origanlly made and marketed in Italy.  The Italian word for fingers and toes is the same, so in the English translation they used fingers and the name/brand/idea stuck.

I completely love the name; it cracks me up every time I think of it and the shoes!

With the “primal” folks, these have really exploded.  I saw a girl at my gym in them a few weeks ago and thought, “What the heck”!  I have since learned much about them.  I like the idea – a lot.  It just seems to make sense.

At first I thought, “I’m not going to be sucked into getting these.”  But, guess what?  I have been.  I’m waiting for a new shipment to arrive in August at a nearby store.  I think it’s certainly the type of “shoe” one needs to try on.

I kind of like these but perhaps I should go with something a bit less conspicuous:

I want to try them with a few activities.  I enjoy doing ropes courses and I think they would be great for this.  I want to try sprinting with them, but think I’ll break them and my feet in first!

Anyway, I think they are kinda freaky and kinda cool!

And, I’m gonna get me some!

Here’s a great video review I think will give a good overview of everything I’ve been reading.

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