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Here is my selection of the most relevant and useful books on coaching, spirituality, leadership, personal growth, relationships, health and money. I have found value in all of them.To make these easily accessible to my clients, and those people visiting my web site, I have provided a link to Amazon.

Their prices were as good, on average, as several other book retailers. Some books you can find cheaper elsewhere, but on average, Amazon is competitive. No other book retailer matches Amazon’s selection and ability to ship as quickly.

These books, with many others, hold a loving place on my many bookshelves. It is my desire that you find this resource section useful and that through the wisdom contained in these books, you find the answers that inform, inspire and transform your life.
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CareerBook Title Why I Like It
Still the classic! Always useful. With this and your coach, you will be set!!!

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CreativityBook Title Why I Like It
This is a spiritual path to awakening your creativity. The simple morning practice has changed my life. I cannot describe the joy this book and the practices I’ve adopted have given me.
Discover the writer in you; remove your “blocks.”
This is simply Part 2 to the one above!

Journal to your deepest self. I could never write in a journal. This book along with The Artist Way helped me see and feel how to do it and why.

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FamilyBook Title Why I Like It
A helpful book in navigating some rough waters when raising a young girl through adolescence. Listen to girls’ unmuted voices from the front lines of adolescence. It issues a call to arms and offers parents compassion, strength, and strategies with which to revive these Ophelias’ lost sense of self.

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Financial/BusinessBook Title Why I Like It
You don’t even have to know what your product or service will be – this book helps with that too! Check it out all of you wannabe small (or big) business owners!
I loved this book!!! Which is more dangerous, a gun or a swimming pool? What do schoolteachers and sumo wrestlers have in common? Why do drug dealers still live with their moms? How much do parents really matter? What kind of impact did Roe v. Wade have on violent crime? Not typical questions for an economist to ask. But Steven D. Levitt is not a typical economist. He is a much-heralded young scholar who studies the riddles of everyday life-from cheating and crime to sports and child-rearing — and whose conclusions regularly turn the conventional wisdom on its head. He usually begins with a mountain of data and a simple, unasked question. Some of these questions concern life-and-death issues; others have an admittedly freakish quality.
A great book to get your mind around the idea of multiple streams to protect yourself during the ups and downs.
Specific steps to take to insure your financial freedom are presented.
This book has this fabulous style of telling the story and presenting the model simultaneously on opposite sides of the pages. It shows the model of the theory on the left side while it describes the theory in an illustrated story on the right – the old right brain – left brain idea of how we process information. Brilliant!
Andrew Carnegie commissioned Napoleon Hill to find out the habits and strategies of successful people. How were they different than the average person? This remarkable book offers a glimpse into the possibilities available to us.

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Health/Wellness/FitnessBook Title Why I Like It
This is a nice quick-start guide to adopting some healthy choices. One hardly notices the changes and yet reap the enormous benefits!
Everyone knows that an apple is a better snack than potato chips. But did you know that a daily handful of walnuts or a bowl of blueberries can actually improve your health and well-being and increase your lifespan? Backed by proven research on fourteen of the most nutrient-dense, powerhouse foods, SuperFoods Rx puts the tools in your hand�and on your plate�that will give you more energy, greater protection against disease, and a healthier overall lifestyle now and for the future, whether you’re 23 or 63.
I discovered this book when attempting to understand the underlying causes of disease – both physically and emotionally. He discusses “functional medicine” and the impact this is beginning to have in the medical community. It can be a bit hard to get through with respect to the science; however, if you like to know exactly the how’s and why’s this book is great. Even if you don’t, you may benefit greatly from considering this approach to reaching and maintaining your ultimate health and well being. He provides wonderful case studies to illustrate his points.

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LeadershipBook Title Why I Like It
Learn how emotional intelligence is at the heart of great leadership.
A follow up to Primal Leadership, the authors provide a guide to creating and sustaining resonance in relationships, teams, and organizations.
A classic on learning organizations

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Personal GrowthBook Title Why I Like It
What do you need to change to make your life work better and make you happier? Top-level personal coach Cheryl Richardson shows you how to make your life over, one week at a time, using her philosophy of “extreme self-care.”
Stand Up for Your Life urges readers to stop playing it safe by putting their needs and priorities aside. Her premise: by spending less time listening to others and more time strengthening your relationship with yourself, you can learn to govern your own life and influence others.
This funny little book sheds lights on those inner voices that keep us frightened and hinder our growth.
This is a marvelous guide in developing the habits that create successful and fulfilled lives.
This book inspired so many years ago and set me on my on spiritual path.

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SpiritualBook Title Why I Like It
The amazing power of thinking without think. It is what you know in the blink of an eye!
This book covers a lot of territory and does it in a very grounded manner. The interface of pyschology and spirituality is fascinating and this book brings us right to the heart of that junction where we can access much higher principles of living through a practical, real world application of research and experience.
Religion in the Modern World.
Lewis was an atheist much of his life; however, he said that he felt, “angry with God for not existing.” Influenced by arguments with his Oxford colleague and friend J. R. R. Tolkien, the book The Everlasting Man by Roman Catholic convert G. K. Chesterton, he slowly rediscovered Christianity. He fought greatly up to the moment of his conversion noting, “I came into Christianity kicking and screaming.” His fascinating conversion and discussion are incredibly moving.
If you are open-minded about spiritual subjects and the application of spiritual sense to business and everyday life, you might find this to be the most important book you have read in some time. The author describes an infinite field of consciousness that we have access to at all times. It is beyond fascinating!
This book opened me to daily mediation and the amazing life-changing benefits. It is also very user-friendly
This book had profound influence on me when I found myself rediscovering my own Christian/Catholic faith while attending a Jesuit university. Dorothy’s description of her conversion left me weeping as if I was also having a conversion. Her faith, hope and love for people showed me how being of service is the most powerful and loving thing we can do. And, how we are all called forth in this way in some capacity.
Have you ever thought of a friend, only to have the phone ring with the friend on the other end? Bumped into someone from home in a far-off place? Received money or facts you needed out of the blue? Then you know the delight of synchronicity, or meaningful coincidence. The authors show you how to become more aware of this phenomenon to experience what the original Flow discussed in more scientific terms. It is a real-life application.
How the little things are what makes a big difference – from a business and social perspective.
The author’s premise: There’s an infinite field of consciousness which registers everything that occurs, anywhere in time or history. And the most important thing they discovered is how to tell truth from falsehood. This is a follow up to the book above.

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