Client Success

“I’ve had the privilege of witnessing Sheila Mikulin’s journey through the Co-Active Leadership training program. I watched her blossom and grow into the deeper and more grounded power of her leadership. Sheila is brilliant. She brings integrity and rigor to her consciousness explorations and has an insatiable curiosity for soul and psyche. She is educated, wise and fun, whether leading a group, a room or simply coaching one on one.” December 22, 2009 –  Kathy Loh, PCC, CPCC, Certified Life & Relationship Coac, Visionary Spirit, advised Sheila at The Coaches Training Institute

“I found Sheila to be truly enlightening. She has a terrific outlook on life and has the great ability to be able to help you put it all into perspective. Sheila was able to help me work through some very difficult issues in my life and I am forever grateful to her for all her help. Sheila is selfless and caring which translates to the best coach/client relationship imaginable. I would recommend Sheila to anyone who may need insight and guidance on any aspect of their life.” January 18, 2009    Jess Walders

“I worked with Sheila through a career transition.  She embodies every great facet of what a career coach should be. She motivates without pushing too hard, she is an absolute expert in providing the best ways to get you in front of people and is a talented critic of written and oral communication. Above and beyond all that, Sheila has exceptional people skills and can switch gears to facilitate the wide range of emotional ups and downs that accompany every career transition. I would highly recommend Sheila to anyone at any level going through a career transition.” September 27, 2011  Paul Snyder

“I had the pleasure of Sheila’s coaching after a layoff in July 2009. She is talentd! I got awesome resume and interview tips. Not to mention her ability to connect with her clients. Sheila has the patience, understanding and passion to help you live your dream. She inspired me to keep fighting and to grow from my experience, when I was in despair. I am happy to have had the opportunity to work with Shelia and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a professional coach.” October 10, 2009   Tiffany Mekeel

“Sheila was my career coach after I left my employer of 16 years in 2010, and I found her services to be the most single most important step I took to beginning my next career choice.

Sheila provided direction to the process of career transition, which was very important to me. She brought me up to speed in job search best practices, particularly with online corporate job posting sources. Sheila offered critical path assistance with my resume, cover letter, and LinkIn presentations where I needed guidance. Through all, she counseled and provided encouragement. It is easy to recommend Integral Design’s services, I found work in the medical device area within 2 months thanks to Sheila’s help.” October 10, 2010 Mark Anderson

“As a career coach, Sheila is a compassionate and insightful guide. She has helped me focus on my strengths and true passion in order to effectively transition to a new career path.” August 18, 2010 Karen Stock

“After being “downsized” (totally unexpectedly) after 28 years, at age 55, I was fortunate enough to have Sheila as a career coach. Her expertise, compassion, and insight, over a period of several months, have made it possible for me to remain positive, stretch the boundaries of what I thought I was capable of, and most importantly, land a great job! I can’t imagine anyone doing a better job than she has. Thank you Sheila!” October 4, 2010 Dan Blake

“After being laid-off (for the first and hopefully last time in my life) I was set up to speak with a career coach. I actually didn’t answer the phone the first time she called (sorry Sheila) but after about a week of getting over the initial shock from the lay-off, I decided I had nothing to lose and called her back.

From the start, Sheila was a very personable and friendly person and I immediately felt comfortable talking with her about my thoughts and career goals.

First steps were to update and revise my resume, which with her advice and suggestions it was looking very professional and was ready for me to start sending out within a week. The rest was up to me as far as job searching and putting myself out there, but without her guidance and constant support, it would have been much more difficult.

I know for a fact that I gained more confidence and professionalism from talking with Sheila and having her give me a boost before a lot of my interviews. I am happy to say that I now have a job in the field of my education and a lot of it is do to the work Sheila did with me and the motivation she gave me every time we spoke.”   June 15, 2011   Sean Samora


“After being layed off from my last position of two years I was introduced to Sheila for coaching. I was hesitant to even accept the help due to my bitterness towards my former employer who recommended her. However, after speaking with her for only 10 minutes I was hooked!! She gave me the confidence and courage that I had lost, to throw myself back into the “job searching world!” She is an expert in her field and gave me multiple resources to assist in finding my true desires for a career! Most importantly though, she was best at listening to my fears, frustrations, hesitations and complaints!! She was to me more than a career coach, she was a trustworthy friend!” January 6, 2009  Meredith Barnett

“I highly recommend Sheila Mikulin as a Life Coach for her personal and professional expertise. Sheila has a remarkable rapport with people of all ages, and situations. Her ability to connect with her clients and her talent at coaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are both truly superior. She is passionate, committed, honest, and most importantly is a REAL person. Sheila has been a tremendous asset to me and my family and I recommend her to you without reservation.” March 25, 2009  Jessica Hines

“Sheila worked as my career coach and took me from the depths of despair to realizing I had a wonderful new opportunity. She steered me through the education process and got me on track for a great new career. I would not have been able to do this without her encouragement, expertise, and the sincere care she provided. I am well on my way to a promising new career and I owe a good portion of my success to Sheila. I will forever be indebted to her for the great help she provided. February 12, 2009  Wilma Grootegoed  

“Sheila was my career coach for almost 5 months of unemployment. She did an outstanding job from producing an outstanding resume to coaching and giving me direction throughout my search. She is an expert in all aspects of career coaching and I would gladly refer her to anyone that needs help with finding a job.” June 9, 2010 Theodore Story,


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