Uber and Lyft Drivers – You Deserve Respect

by Sheila on February 2, 2015

You deserve to have a job that is fulfilling and provides you a decent and fair income.


I want to offer my services to you to create a fantastic resume, design a customized job search marketing plan, and provide you one-to-one personal coaching (via phone or Skype).

I decided to run a 3 month experiment to see how much a driver really can make (in a normal 40 hour work week – for comparison purposes).

It was difficult to track all of the metrics because both companies kept reducing the fares – dramatically, as you know.  In almost every city the fares have plummeted by 75%. I say difficult only in that it kept changing for the worse!

You are making approximately 25% of whatever you were only 6 months ago. This is simply despicable.

I want to help you directly.

As a career coach, I have helped over 500 clients land new jobs. I wanted to test drive these car services as a driver myself to see if they were actually a viable option for a reasonable income (within reasonable hours). Was this something I could actually recommend as an options for “some” clients?  Answer:  Resounding NO.

I don’t care if you get the occasional (price gouging in many instances) surge fare, over time the very simple math clearly illustrates that if one is doing this full time (40 plus hours), you are MAKING 1/2 of minimum wage. Try $4.11 / hour on for size. 

I’m not going to go into the calculations that are quite straightforward as this has been done by many others on other sites.  Just remember you must deduct for your gas AND (this is often overlooked) the depreciation of your car at a government rate of $.56/mile.

I am so appalled at Uber’s tactics across the board, even towards their customers. But their utter disregard for the drivers has lead me to a crusade to get these full-time drivers REAL JOBS. 

This offer is specific to drivers who are doing this full time and realize how poor the income is and how they have to work 80 plus hours a week just to get by.  For those who do it as a side gig, already have a FT job, this is obviously not for you.

I will design your resume for you highlighting you unique skill set. I will design with you your unique job search campaign. I will give you access to tools that will dramatically aid your ability to land a job you really want. I will help you build your LinkedIn profile. Finally, I will coach you one on one through the entire process.

Please feel free to reach out to me (Please be sure to visit my LI profile for a list of over 35 recommendations):

Sheila Mikulin, MA

Psychologist – Career Coach

Office Phone:  216 932 6012

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