Ziggy – Contemporary

by Sheila on March 20, 2013

Dance for me is the greatest expression of ourselves.  It gets us deeply grounded in the essence of us.  It is that place where all else falls away and we are we as the Divinity. Or, as Lil C would say, the place of “Buck!”

I have not incorporated dance in my live as I should have…although should is not a good word.  Simply, that I have not.  And, yet, I know in my deepest soul it is there for me.

I wondered today what it might be like to choreograph a a contemporary dance to Ziggy.  How does one bring that elegant flow into Ziggy?  I completely saw it though.  Yet, it had glimpses of hip hop and the power that comes with that.

When I first heard Ziggy as a very young person, I knew I had heard brilliance.  And, I knew it / he would change the face of music. I stood and said, “Wow, what IS this!” And, it took me over.

Ziggy is a love story and absolutely flows.  And the hard driving thoughts or actions might be so beautiful  in the mix of flowing.

I’d love to see a combination of Mia Michaels and NappyTab in this arrangement.  And, I’d love to see me there.

Enjoy the vid:



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