What Will You Do?

by Sheila on January 1, 2013


This image inspires me so. It feels haunting and hopeful both at the same time.  The fog is so beautiful and the knowing that is will clear reminds us that it is cathartic and we will see more clearly if we only stay.

The say that what we do on the first day of  the new year sets the tone for the whole year.

What do you think?  What will you do today?

Perhaps part of this is that ole idea of waiting until tomorrow always gets in the way.  There is always a tomorrow and the idea that one more day will not matter.  So, is it about procrastination only?

I think there is more to it.

I believe that we have a sort of muscle memory that is both in the body AND in our mind and soul. We imprint our intentions.

Of course we can do this any “new” day we choose; however, there is a bit of hoopla around the 1st of January – we can’t escape it!

I like to take a look at my integral life practices especially at this time of  year. Is there anything I want to add or take away (those practices I just never did often and most likely will not).

So, probably doing some BIG thing you might enjoy but could not do daily is not what I’m thinking about here. It is the consistency that allows for embodiment over time.

Perhaps set up your day with wonderful activities that you want to include in the coming year that will inspire and challenge and stretch and nurture and hold and love you. And always allow for you to just be in anything that might present – wholly and alive.

Some things I might do tomorrow:

I love to dance more than just about anything else!

Writing, mind mapping and reflecting…


Interval Training


An early morning walk








and relaxing






















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