What They Really Meant

by Sheila on June 1, 2012

There’s a secret code hiding in many a scientific research paper and it is not about how to live longer and be happier and lose weight, etc. ┬áNo, it’s the code that tells you precisely what was going through the researcher’s head as he or she was writing the paper.

While working as a neuropsychology assistant when I first got out of grad school, I saw this posted on the board and laughed so hard I thought I would fall over. I copied it and don’t know where it went, but today I stumbled on it out of the blue and wanted to post it here.

For those who have ever done their own experimental design and conducted research as I have, you will totally know why this is so funny.

While I suspect that whoever is behind these good-natured jabs has written a lot of scientific papers themselves, I’d love to see them take on other academic disciplines and their best crutch phrases.

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