Homage to Andrew & Davy

by Sheila on March 2, 2012

Wow. First got the news Davy Jones died. Young at 66.

Then Andrew Breitbart. At 43! I loved how Andrew was fearless in his convictions. He came to inspire me to stand in my own.

 It’s interesting for me that The Monkeys started out as this made-for-TV little group.  The songs were crafted for them, but they could sing AND play instruments. They were the US goof-ball answer to The Beatles.

 Well guess what?  They were actually good and they fought for some artistic control of the music. We all know the song from the video above. And, how about:


I wonder if the two of them are now singing:

 They were both “believers”

 And, I just heard Peter Noone from the Hermans Hermits talk about doing this song just 2 weeks ago with Davy:

 On to Andrew. I love how he re-tweeted the vitriolic posts. He said, “Let the world see the hate.”

 I’d post a vid of him, but don’t want to incite those. I just want to say, “Thank you, Andrew.” You have made me a more courageous person. You have inspired my desire to be transparent and not hide any longer.

 It is not rest in peace. It is continue the journey of your spirit.

Please click on the title to see the vids


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