Profound Meditation Program

by Sheila on November 14, 2011

This program is amazing. I used Holosync for quite a while and NEVER experienced anything like this.  If you are new to meditation, this is a great place to start. If you have had a practice, this is also a good option as an adjunct. I encourage you to try it.

I began using this back in May of this year and almost immediately began to notice an overall sense of well-beingness and calm and peacefulness.  What was most apparent was that it didn’t happen right after I had meditated. It occurred much later in the day and caught me by surprise. I would notice I was feeling so great – actually blissful – and then I remembered the program. So, it feels to me that this is NOT a placebo effect.

I love this so much that I became an affiliate.  You can see the link on my site and here it is for your convenience: Click here  You can find a 20-minute free demo there.

Here is a great  video of one man’s experience that is quite compelling.

Here’s the direct link for the video: click here

And here is a link for a discussion posted on Integral Life with others sharing their experiences: click here

Please try it out; I trust you will not be disappointed. And let me know what you think by leaving a comment here.


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