by Sheila on August 14, 2011

This is called an “Inukshuk.” Inukshuks¬† are erected as beacons by the Inuit traveler leaving a marker for those who follow. They originated in Canada and are now built over the world.


These large stone figures can be seen from great distances over ice and snow. Northern travelers can pick out a marker on the distant horizon and walk to it before looking out across the vast tundra for the next inukshuk  to guide them along unfamiliar and ever-changing terrain. The unique configuration of each stone figure is particular to each person who builds it so you will recognize your companions along the way; each formation also provides vital messages of warning or opportunity. Lastly, it is a sign of respect to pay attention, to stop your own journey and to build an INUKSHUK for travelers yet to come.

How beautiful is this?

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