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by Sheila on June 15, 2011

There was a book published back in 2003 about culture and life in the United States. It is a photographic book – every page contains a picture depicting life of Americans from every U.S. State.

The really cool thing about this book was that one could upload a photo of their own and they would put it on the cover for you when you purchased the book.  So, the book shows up with the real cover AND the one that you submitted.  So, it comes across like your photo was chosen for the cover!

So, I decided to send in a pic of my two nieces, Rosie and Raisha, to give it to my dad as a gift for his birthday.  Now this was a risky move because he was in the “getting rid of stuff” phase and didn’t want “presents” or “junk,” so he said.  And this thing is basically a coffee table big book!

I had a pic that I loved of the two but it was a 35 mm print – no digital for me back then!  It took me forever to figure out even how to scan it in and then crop it, etc.  I still struggle with this kind of s…!

Somehow I managed it through perseverance, of which I can have much given the right situation.

My dad’s birthday is coming up again on July 5th (he said his mom got so excited watching the fireworks that she went into labor shortly after midnight – with her 14th child!!!)  I’ve been contemplating a gift, holding still his “not wanting presents.”  I usually send some kind of food item I know he loves – eats it fast enough so doesn’t take up room!

This year I thought I’d post about that book and show the photo that “won” the cover.

Rosie & Raisha (or what I like to call them R&R):

They were about 3 or 4 in this photo, I think.  They are both 15 now and and it blows my mind!  They are simply lovely, brilliant (in the light shining sense), funny, strong, athletic, smart, gorgeous and wise.  Well, they have some good genes, loving parents and some cool aunts and uncles!  I have been thinking of them often of late.  And, I miss them every day.

In the spirit of honoring my dad’s wishes, I thought I’d just send him this blog post.  And maybe ask if he still has the book?  Or maybe not….  Don’t really want to hear it went to Goodwill!  I am sure you kept it Dad.

So, Happy Birthday Dad! I love you.


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