Peaceful and..

by Sheila on September 26, 2010

Since my return from my Integral Coaching Canada training, I have felt a peacefulness and an unrest all at the same time. Sometimes these two exist in me simultaneously and I’m a bit confused..sort of and then sort of not.

I’ve been trying to sit with this and just let it work through me and be revealed. What needs to be noticed, perhaps?

What has been especially interesting is that I keep getting glimpses of what “it” might be. ┬áIs it a new direction? Is it a new way. I hear some whispering and don’t know where it’s coming from. Is it my heart or soul or mind speaking? It feels like I have to know which in order to hear or understand it.

So, I’m trying to pay attention in a unique way. Not in a stern or tense way. It’s a gentle and easy and relaxed and open way of being the observer…the wittness.

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