Kindle – As a Gift – Very Excited!

by Sheila on September 12, 2010

I am a voracious reader.  And, I like having the books.  I like the look and feel and smell of books.  I like to see them lining my many shelves.

I have plenty of practical reasons to have hardcopies (vs. e-copies).  I loan them to clients often and I certainly use them as reference for myself and clients and need to get my hands on them quickly when I’m thinking about something.

So, I’ve seen the Kindle, read about it and heard rave reviews from some.  Others felt like it was a betrayal of sorts!  I kinda get this.  However, I know when I travel and haul about 5 (Or 7 or 8) books with me, it would come in pretty handy!  And, on the beach and on a long car trip and reading in bed…I can certainly see the convenience.  I just wonder how that yellow highligher is going to work…  It must have one built in, right?  Can I turn back corners? What about my colored post-it notes? And, how will I color code underline? So much to fret about here!

I have a friend who would collect books and never read them.  She says that now with her Kindle, she reads them like crazy!  Like crazy, I’m telling you!  So, this same friend, who knows me and how much I read and love books, wanted to give me a gift as a thank you for something.

She knows I’m going on a trip and wanted me to have it for that (would have been cool!), but it seems they are backlogged with orders and she does not yet have it.  She was planning on giving it to me today.

It was funny because she said she had a gift and wanted to know if I wanted to know what it was before I got it.  Of course, I said “Yes!”  That’s just how I roll…

So, I’m gettin a Kindle!!!  Yay!! What a wonderful gift and how generous of her! I’ll write a post in the future and let you know how great it really is! I’ll keep my regular books too and I’m sure I’ll still buy more.  Old habits die hard and SOME I don’t want to let go of..ever!

Stay tuned book lovers.  And, let me know what you think of the Kindle in the comments below.  Would love some comments!

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