Soulful Wordsmither

by Sheila on August 12, 2010

Lil “C” has been a guest judge and choreographer on SYTYCD.  He has been a bit mocked for his eloquent analysis, yet for me when he speaks he touches my soul and he is sooo respectful of the dancer.

He’ll say, “That was Buck.”  This means, roughly translated, when the soul of the individual is poured out onto the floor and becomes beauty and art and love and courage and  truth and desire and hope.  It is the artist’s’work manifest.  And, that manifestation moves us.

I believe that when we look at those who we admire in the deepest sense, we aren’t just seeing them.  We are seeing Us in them.  We are seeing the beauty and love of our human potential for joy and magic.  This is a Buddhist idea that the teacher is merely reflecting back the Buddha nature of the person looking / seeing.

So, I believe that we don’t desire what we can’t’ have.  We watch the Olympics in mass not because we really care much about who swims or runs faster.  We see our human potential in the endeavor.  And this moves us.  It touches our heart in a biological and spiritual way. We might want to get up and run or dance or sing.

It shows us who we are -.  as individuals and as a collective whole of the beauty of being human – physically, mentally, spiritually.

We don’t desire to be Lance or Tiger.  We know we don’t quite have this ability.  We do see drive and effort and striving…always striving.  And, we want this in us.  There truly is somewhat of a biological imperative of striving and thriving.

We desire to be who we are and that is so much.  For me it feels like I’m an individual and part of the whole…like I exist and then don’t outside of the whole.  It is truly flow.

I’m going to go scoot off to watch the finale of my show.

OK Lauren just won!!!  Wow.

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