Swimming, Diving and Inspiration

by Sheila on July 5, 2010

Had a wonderful time in Columbus this 4th with my West Jeff  Girlies!

Molly and Jilly are water bugs after my heart for sure!  They were in the pool from 9 AM until 7:30 at night almost non stop!  I remember doing that when I was little until  my eyes were bloodshot!

Molly dove off of the board for the 1st time and she’s not even 5 yet!!!!  Great form too!  She wore a life vest so her little butt would spring back up …so cute!  She later dove off the side with no vest and did a somersault under the water… I was there to catch her.  She came up a little shaken but OK!

Molly will be 5 on July 12th.  I gave her a baseball glove for her birthday which was a risk not knowing if she would want one at this age – or ever.  It turns out she had asked for one for her birthday.  So, I lucked out.  And, she’s a pretty good catcher already.

Molly later did her on take on that little “affirmation girl” all over the net – in her Sponge Bob PJ’s, of course.

Here are a few pics at the pool and Molly’s tirade…I mean inspiration!

I’m still working on how to separate pics here on this blog…

OH, you can also see ALL of the pics on my Facebook page…the link is on my site.  And, please do go there…  And, as always, please feel free to comment here on my blog.  Thanks!

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