Primal Program – Week #3 – Football Anyone?

by Sheila on July 26, 2010

My dad always said that an athlete is “one who participates.”  Get out and run and hit a ball and throw a ball and dodge something…  He was a very good athlete himself.  He played football, baseball, baseketball and he boxed in the military.  I think football was his favorite.

He was blessed with 4 girls before his first and only son came along.  That wasn’t going to stop him from playing some football.  He had his 4 girls playing wiffle football when we were very young.  I still brag saying, “How many 8-yr-old girls know what the line of scrimmage is”?  And, I can still throw a perfect spiral.

Anyway, I grew up playing sports – basketball, softball, volleyball, some touch football, water skiing and I was a lifeguard.  To speed up this long story a bit, it’s been 2 weeks in this new program and I am definitely feeling something like my old athletic self.  I can’t explain it competely because I’m not out there playing an organized game.  But, in that weight room, I’ve got a bit of swagger goin on.

I just feel strong; I feel like one who participates and then some.  What I have noticed that is most striking is the carry over into my whole day.  There’s a definite spring in my step and an overall sense of wellbeing.

Insulin resistance healing food plan

The most amazing thing I’ve noticed is that there is no struggle here – at all.  I eat when I’m hungry.  I don’t feel deprived of anything.   I don’t feel tired, so I’m guessing my blood sugar is fairly stable during the day.  I know it is at night because I’m not waking up from a blood sugar plummet.  I’m having some bloodwork done this week, so I’ll have some real data on this by next post.  I’m feeling pretty hopeful.

I’m making some grilled  lamb chops and roasted  cornish game hen tonight for some friends.  The cooking is always fun! Hope they like it!


I have always been comfortable in the free weight room.  There’s no “can’t” in that room.  I’m well into stage 2 of of NROLFW and things are going well.  No injuries.  And that swagger thing…

With respect to exercise, I’ve added a hoola hoop routine that is very fun.  I had to go to WalMart to find a hoola hoop and I cannot stand going into WalMart.  They do have great Danskin work clothes, like tanks for $4, so it worked out well – I stocked up and got the hoop.


As I mentioned above, I am experiencing a dramatic increase in wellbeing.   Nothing seems to throw me off my center.  People are not annoying me as much…lol!  Not that they ever really did…that much.

Sleep Pattern

You know how when you’ve had a very active day – like all day activity – hiking, biking, skiing, etc and you say, “Wow, I’m going to sleep great tonight!”  Well, I feel that way every day now!  I’m not kidding.  I sleep through the entire night, every night.  This has not happened to me in over 10 years, I’m guessing.

Didn’t Know this Would Happen

People are looking at me differently.  I do not want to sound woo woo at all, but it’s like I’m putting out a different kind of energy and it seems to be drawing people in.  I have actually experienced this before, like on days when I was feeling espcially good and people pick up on that.  But, it was more of an occassional thing.  Now, it seems to be happening every day.  I had a friend say, “What is going on with you?  You are different.”  This could just be my imagination or coincedence, but this is the kind of feedback I’m getting.

So, in honor of football season soon to be upon us (my favorite time of year!), I might just be ready for some “two a days” by mid-August.  But wait – the girly, girl in me is saying, “Sign up for a new dance class too.”   I’ll do that next week!

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