Primal Program – Week #2 – Soft Elbows!

by Sheila on July 19, 2010

Week 2 of my program begins.  Noticing some things after one week.

At the end of 12 weeks, I’ll be measuring my progress in a few ways.


Baseline #’s were taken a few weeks ago.   I’ll be revisting my lipid profile (HDL, LDH, Triglyrcerides), Thyroid (TSH, T4 T3 & reverse), Glucose, Fasting Insulin (and 5-hour test in 6 months – possibly), C-Reactive Protein (measures systemic inflammation) and basic CBC and vitamin D.


Will be measured by fitness assessment at the end of the 12 week period – will include BMI %.    More detail later.

Sleep Pattern

This has been an area of struggle for me.  It has improved dramatically already.  I want to be able to fall asleep within 15 minutes and sleep 7-8 hour without waking.  Early to be…early to rise…without an alarm clock!


Measured by:

  • An overall sense of peacefulness.
  • Noticing that I am responding vs. reacting more often than not
  • Not being easily knocked off center
  • Feeling happy
  • Other variables that may present

Special Category – Wow, Didn’t Know This Would Happen!

Documenting anything unusual.

Here’s something I’ve noticed and I think it is directly related to my daily dose(s) of coconut oil (I’ve been doing this for about 3 weeks now).

You know how there are spots that are kinda rough – like the back of elbows, typically.  Well, the back of my elbows are so soft – like silkly, satin soft.  At first I thought it was my imagination.  But, no!  And this is with no lotion!  I expected to notice a difference in my hair (which I have) but I never really had dry hair, so I wasn’t really paying attention as much.

Anyway, I’ve noticed I don’t need any moisturizer at all – hands, legs.  This is pretty amazing.

So, knowing my elbows are soft allows me to let my animus – masculine archetype  – boldly emerge in my boxing class!

I read the entire Primal Blueprint over the weekend; I’m quite impressed.  More on this later.   Wait until you see these crazy FiveFinger shoes!

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