Lima Beans Would be Illegal

by Sheila on July 7, 2010

Because of brussel sprouts,  I missed Halloween one year.  That’s enough to consider them the enemy for life – no matter what so-called great recipe someone might put before me.

In our household,  one had to sit at the table and finish everything.  I sat there many a night for hours trying to gag down things I did not like.  This is probably why I’m such a slow eater even now.  I am used to sitting at that table alone..lights have been dimmed…it’s gettin late.

The aforementioned BS, peas, and the ever dreaded lima beans were constant companions of mine at that table – no dog to sneak them to…but I had my tricks that I won’t go into here.

In a perfect world...

At a chldren’s book fair a few years ago, I ran into this book all about the dreaded LB.  Seems others felt the same way.

I bought it and sent a copy of the cover to my dad – just to remind him in case he had forgotten…

As you can see, this little kid had to sit there too!

This is a very sweet little book.  You can find it here if you are interested.  It consists of answers from 100 kids bewtween the ages of 7-11 to this question:   “What do you think would make our world a more perfect place to be”?

These kids are quick to respond from the silly to the touching to the wise. It’s an endearing look at how children see the world.    Beautiful illustrations highlight the stories.

Kinda makes me have a soft spot in my heart for lima beans now – not brussel sprounts, mind you!

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